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Fantom's 3rd Biggest Decentralized Exchange

EQUAL: Executive Summary

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C. Market Cap$ ?
veNFT Lock Rate? %

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Classification of Supply

Circulating Supply

???,???,??? EQUAL
The Supply of EQUAL that is held by users in their wallets. Circulating Supply is fully unlocked and readily transferable.

Outstanding Supply

???,???,??? EQUAL
Includes all circulating supply, locked supply (EQUAL that is locked inside veNFTs) and also the unclaimed supply from gauge distributions.

Diluted Supply

???,???,??? EQUAL
Includes everything! Its the Total of Outstanding plus the EQUAL left in Genesis Airdrop (20% of initial supply, = 500K), Genesis Boosted Farming Incentives (25% of initial supply, = 625K), Treasury holdings, Marketing wallet & unclaimed bribes as well.

Equalizer Analytics

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