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A Multi-faceted growth hacker for indie projects, ftm.guru provides numerous Tools, Services and niche utility-applications to users and bespoke product customization, liquidity enhancement and data analytics products to De-Fi innovators. The Guru Network has something to offer for everyone:

Multi-DEX Pair Explorer

Find out the latest movements in pools and liquidity depths and constituents of any AMM pair!

FTM.guru's Pair Explorer can be used with Shiba, Elk, Zoo, Spooky, Spirit, Sushi, HyperJump, Waka, Cyber, Paint, Bomb, Jet, Soul, Totem, Nugget, Empire, Wraith, DMM and more!

(May 2021)

We know that FTMScan is not in the best shape right now and fellow Fanties need an alternative tool to track their Fantom Opera interactions in real-time.

Introducing —FantomScan.
Find out anyone's FTM balance, Token Balances, View Token Allowances, find out the status of a Transaction, Check gas prices, estimate transaction costs and more useful data!
Ape List

The Ape List scans the Fantom Opera for latest markets created on its DEXes and brings the Elites an overview of the most recent Tokens created.

Essentially a Coal field studded with rare Diamonds, The Ape-List brings a plateful of opportunities and risks alike!

The Airdropper

The Airdropper tool can help you to distribute Tokens effortlessly and within 2-seconds, thanks to the Faassst speed of Fantom Opera.

All tokens are supported, including fee-on-Transfer, reflective, rebasing, baby, auto-LP, etc. other exotic De-Fi tokenomic assets.

The Approver

The Approver tool enables everyone to create allowance, edit or modify spending limits, grant infinite permissions or Revoke any of these easily.

Two intuitive functions, "Soft Approve" and "Hard Approve" make editing allowances on Smart Contracts a lot quicker and comfortable, even for Mobile users.


The ELITE Token is the access pass for ftm.guru's premium services.

A concept called "Eliteness" dictates elibility to use some of our decentralized apps. Holding ELITE unlocks our tiered services and grants holders exciting perks with our partner-platforms as well.

ELITE token has a highly limited supply of 250 tokens and is an extremely scrace resource.

NFT Airdrop Tool

Want to send NFTs as an airdrop to your loyal supporters or simply distribute your creative Non-Fungible tokens to a wider audience? Bulk send ERC-721 NFT tokens to multiple addresses in a single transaction with the ELITE Distributor. Say Goodbye to the hassle of manually sending NFTs one by one. Upload upto 150 Fantom Opera addresses at a time and spread NFTs by custom TokenIDs to your patrons!

Universal TVL Finder

We have deployed a Smart Contract that calculates instantaneous TVL (via on-chain calls) & per-block TVL (via web3 calls) of any Decentralized Finance platform. The ftm.guru platform, taking in consideration its huge collection of on-chain Stores of Value, uses this Smart Contract across its products.

The Universal TVL Finder can work with any Protocol, Project or EVM-like blockchain.

FTMUSD Binary Options

B.O. is the First Binary Options platform on Fantom Opera.

A perpetual Prediction Market enabled by Band Protocol. Current Markets include FTM/USD with contract expiries of 13hrs.37mins.

Another FTMUSD and an ETHBTC market with a 75hr expiry is releasing early January.

Currently in pre-alpha! (v0.3.3)

Fantom RPC Switch

The RPC Switch is a nifty tool for selecting the best and verified Rapid Procedure Call Uniform Resource Location as your Web3 provider for interacting with the Fantom Opera's Ethereum virtual Machine.

Choose the best endpoint by analysing its Latency and Block height.

Find RPC rankings in real-time.

[FTM Tools & Analytics]

Discover the shiniest of Gems from the Fantom Opera blockchain and ease your research efforts with FTM.guru

Top 10 Fantom Gems
(Votes etched on Fantom blockchain)
Unvetted & Not Financial Advice

Vote for your fave tokens now!

Voting consumes .oo1337 ELITE tokens, which are burned subsequently.

Brief explainer:
  1. Input the contract address of your preferred token.
  2. Approve EliteVoting contract to spend your ELITE.
  3. Sign the Voting transaction in your Metamask wallet.
Voting pushes the Voted Token to the top of the Elite list.

Gam(bl)ing Department 🎰

El Casino: Degen Games

The DeGam Casino offers two simple games to triple your FTM coins. This 3-player indulgence selects a random winner from the three participants and rewards them with 3x their deposit.

This game is available on Telegram too using the @Fantom_Tip_bot to place the wagers, being the First-of-its-Kind on Fantom Opera.

While playing this game of chance, don't forget to wear your lucky socks!

KUCINO on Kucoin Chain

The Kucino Project is the development arm of the DeGam and runs autonomously, independent of the ftm.guru project. It is part of the Guru Network that spans multiple chains.

The KUCINO are the in-game "chips" for accessing the Kucino Casino. On the tokenomics front, holders of KUCINO earn both KCS & KUCINO everyday due a sophisticated De-Fi strategy.

DeGam Casino x Kucino Casino
Decentralizd gaming platform on Fantom Opera & Kucoin Chain.

Fair & Secure
100% Decentralized
10+ innovative Games
Played 1000s of Times
Round-the-Clock, 1440x365
Full On-chain Game History
Real-Time Leaderboard

FTM Coin-Flip

.1 FTM

.2 FTM

Mini Jackpot

1.337 FTM

4.011 FTM

Micro Jackpot

.1337 FTM

.4011 FTM

PvP Jackpot

.01 KCS

.02 KCS


.01 KCS

∞x KCS*
*No Limits

21-hour Lotto

.01 KCS

∞x KCS*
*No Limits

KCS Coin-Flip

.01 KCS
.02 KCS

1000 KUD Flipper

1000 KUD
2000 KUD

The TIKU-Toss

3000 TIKU
6000 TIKU

More Games under active development!

Explore all titles ↗

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Official Public Data

Band Protocol powers our Binary Options Plarform "BO".

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You are viewing the legacy version of ftm.guru website. Band Protocol powered FTM/USD Binary Options Platform is soon going to be accesible only on the IPFS version after v1.0 due to jurisdictional regulations and restrictions. The DeGam Casino & Kucino Casino will be available over IPFS soon and later over ETH-DNS as well. Some other tools such as Liquidity Finder, x3 and EA are available on the newer version. A word of advice: ftm.guru is a complex project spanning dozens of smart-contracts and DApps. Please reach out on Twitter or Telegram [@FTM1337] for queries and latest information. Our community will be elated to provide assistance.


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Shoutout to ftmscan.com and rpc.ftm.tools for their benign Services!

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