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Multi-DEX Pair Explorer

Find out the latest movements in pools and liquidity depths and constituents of any AMM pair!

FTM.guru's Pair Explorer can be used with Zoo DEX, Spooky Swap, Spirit Swap, Sushi Swap, HyperJump, Waka.Finance, and Paint Swap.


We know that FTMScan is not in the best shape right now and fellow Fanties need an alternative tool to track their Fantom Opera interactions in real-time.

Introducing —FantomScan.
Find out anyone's FTM balance, Token Balances, View Token Allowances, find out the status of a Transaction, Check gas prices, estimate transaction costs and more useful data!


Farmlands are a big secret in the ELITE circles.

But is it a farm?
Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe both?

When can we visit?
This is under active development.

Tokenomics? ..Model?
More details will be available here when officially published.


FMC.guru is a data aggregator for Fantom Opera Blockchain. It provides a bird-eye view of the top and vetted projects running atop FTM. It is open to all users and includes vital information such as official links, contract addresses, social channels and categorical tags. FantomMarketCap brings us essential market data like Token Prices, Market Cap, Supply figures and other essential metrics.


YieldState presents the "Core" liquidity providers of ELITE the opportunity to generate a passive yield on top of the AMM volumetric returns. Staking LP tokens in the YieldState can boost your APYs.

Which tokens can be earned?
ELITE & Friends.

When will YieldState be activated?
As soon as ELITE gets 250 holders

Ape List

The Ape List scans the Fantom Opera for latest markets created on its DEXes and brings the Elites an overview of the most recent Tokens created.

Essentially a Coal field studded with rare Diamonds, The Ape-List brings a plateful of opportunities and risks alike!

Explore 200+ Tokens from the Top-6 Dexes!

El Casino: Degen Games

The DeGam Casino offers two simple games to triple your FTM coins. This 3-player indulgence selects a random winner from the three participants and rewards them with 3x their deposit.

This game is available on Telegram too using the @Fantom_Tip_bot to place the wagers, being the First-of-its-Kind on Fantom Opera.

While playing this game of chance, don't forget to wear your lucky socks!

KUCINO on Kucoin Chain

The Kucino Project is the development arm of the DeGam and runs autonomously, independent of the ftm.guru project. It is part of the Guru Network that spans multiple chains.

The KUCINO are the in-game "chips" for accessing the Kucino Casino. On the tokenomics front, holders of KUCINO earn both KCS & KUCINO everyday due a sophisticated De-Fi strategy.

[FTM Tools & Analytics]
*Coming Soon

Discover the shiniest of Gems from the Fantom Opera blockchain and ease your research efforts with FTM.guru

Fantom Utilities by FTM.guru

Coming Soon…

  • $GURU
  • FTM.monster
  • Elite DEX Aggregator
  • E.L.I.T.E. D.A.O.
  • Pending Txn. Cancellations
  • Airdrop Tool
  • Permissonless Farmlands👽
...and much more!

Top 10 Fantom Gems
(Votes etched on Fantom blockchain)
Unvetted & Not Financial Advice

Vote for your fave tokens now!

Voting consumes .oo1337 ELITE tokens, which are burned subsequently.

Brief explainer:
  1. Input the contract address of your preferred token.
  2. Approve EliteVoting contract to spend your ELITE.
  3. Sign the Voting transaction in your Metamask wallet.
Voting pushes the Voted Token to the top of the Elite list.

Come, Join us!

Shoutout to ftmscan.com and rpc.ftm.tools for their benign Services!

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