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$FTM Binary Options

Go Long or Short on Fantom!

Fantom Opera: 0xFA


Underlying:FTM/USD Round №:? Eliteness:0.001337 ELITE Fees:0% + 0 FTM Contract Class:Perpetual Duration:13hrs 37mins. Position Size:1.337 FTM Max. opens:1 position Status:LIVE

Expiry Time:
00h 00m 00s

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If Longs pay Shorts


Latest Round will have its "Opening Price" locked-in when the current Round ends. "Closing Price" will be locked in 1 Round after the Opening Price Lock-in. Traders won't be able to take positions for a round after Opening Price is locked, but Positions can be taken for the upcoming round.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Long or Short? A Long is a bet that FTM "Settlement Price" in USD will be greater than the "Opening Price" of a round.

How to go Long or Short on FTM? Press the Long or Short button after connecting wallet. It will ask for 1 FTM from your wallet and create a new long/short position for you in the upcoming round

What is a Round? Each position is only valid for a certain period of time. A round lasts for a fixed duration of time as mentioned in the Contract Specs above ("Duration").

When can we open a position? Each Long or Short is opened for the next Round.

When can we close a position? Positions for a round end automatically when the round ends. After this, if your position ends "in the money", you can claim rewards for that round.

When can we claim rewards? After Round ends.

Difference between "Current Price", "Opening Price" and "Settlement Price"? Current Price the price of FTM in USD according to the Oracle at this very moment.
Opening Price is the FTMUSD mark right at the time when a round began
Settlement Price is the FTMUSD point when a round ends.

Who starts and ends a Round? Anyone can start a new round after the "Duration" has elapsed as measured from the starting of that Round. A button called "Create new Round" will be visibile in such a case. A new Long or Short opened after the "Duration" has elapsed for the current round also creates a New Round.

When do we lose? If the result was not on your chosen side (Long or Short), you will lose your money.

What is Eliteness? To farm on the LITE Farmlands, send airdrops, cast votes, use the Token Locker, our Binary Options platform or other services, our users are required to hold a certain minimum amount of ELITE token on Fantom Opera Blockchain. This number of minimum ELITE holding requirement is also known as "Eliteness".

Where can we buy ELITE? Discover the best place to Buy ELITE at our ELITE market data & analytics page. You can also buy it using our 1-click "instaBuy" button given below.

How long does a Round last? Depends. We set it to 10 minutes during tests. 25 hours? Pls vote @FTM1337

Who is paying for the rewards? Rewards are paid from the deposits of the losing side. Either "Longs pay Shorts" or "Shorts pay Longs"

Where do you take the data from? ChainLINK & BAND-Protocol.

Is there a fee? Not yet, but its not ruled out from the future. Any fees will be duly mentioned on the top of the page.

What if nobody bets? In case there are no bets on the winning side, The House wins. To tackle this, we will make each round sufficiently long. Technically, it's possible to take both long and short positions for the same round.

Where does the Price come from? Our Price feeds are Authentic and provided by the on-chain Band Protocol Oracle. Lower Chart is provided by CryptoKek and doesnt represnt the Oracle data. Upper Chart ("Line-Chart") plots Oracle data in real-time.

Still testing?

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BO @ Mainnet Opera
Contract  : v0.3.3
MarketID  : 1


Sir, Don't get rek. Please exercise extreme caution while dealing with smart contracts and crypto assets. We don not take any listing fees for this program and never DM you for personal information or keys.


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Shoutout to Band Protocol, kek.tools and rpc.ftm.tools for their benign Services!