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Kompound Protocol

Compounding Service for Fantom's Yield Farms

Earn 1% of each harvest, just for paying the gas! Earn compound interest even on your reimbursements!

Zero withdrawal fees.
0.1% Deposit fees.

Morpheus mLQDR: MORPH + FTM dual rewards

mLQDR-LQDR Morpheus-MPT Maximizer

How does GRAIN#5400 work?

Deposit your MPT tokens
This strategic Kompounder takes in the mLQDR+LQDR MPT liquidity tokens as deposits, comprised of LQDR & mLQDR in a Balancer-style stable-pool. This Granary issues the "GRAIN#5400", a standard yield-bearning token, proportionally to all the investors that invest in it.

Let us use your MORPH reward
All of the collateral rasied is continuously staked at the MorpheusSwap's Neo Farm to earn MORPH. Simultaneously, it also taps the Liquid Driver's Reward-Sharing, Gauge & Bribe rewards, rewarding us with WFTM tokens consolidated by mLQDR's exposure to xLQDR for generating additional income. When at work, this Granary first harvests all MORPH from the MorpheusSwap's Neo Farm, which it converts to PILL at the going rate of the Pills Dispenser. These PILLS are then sold to earn more FTM via Guru Network's own special JIT "Just-in-Time" Psuedo Dex-aggregation protocol, routing it via Legacy SpiritSwap DEX & MorpheusSwap, both, to get the best Rates!

And use those Pirate treasures..
Next up, it revisits Neo to procure its share of Liquid Driver's Revenues, Bribes & Gauge incentives, which are already morphed into to FTM by now -- Thanks, Morpheus! Now the Granary turns to the Sea, and market-buys more LQDR, yet again tapping into our Kompound Protocol's own Dex-Aggreation sub-protocol, scouting across the new Solidly-based V2 DEX of SpiritSwap and the Musical Hills of Beethoven-x. This enhances capital efficiency to Elite-tier optimization.

The Red Pill? Or the Blue Pill?
Like Neo, the Granary must now choose: The Red Pill? Or the Blue Pill?
Owing to its Elitist upbringing, the Granary knows how to make the best of both Choices. It refers to Morpheus's Oracle to judge the peg of mLQDR against LQDR.

If mLQDR is trading under the Peg, it chooses the to gulp the Red Pill, in an attempt to restore the Peg back to 1. To this effort, it injects its LQDR, single-sided, into the liquidity pool - but is smart enough to only add as much needed to restore the peg. All Excess is split Right in Two, with one half being wrapped into mLQDR, and then paired with its LQDR twin in a 1:1 ratio to mint the MPT Liquidity Tokens.

The BLUE Pill /TBP
In case the mighty Oracle of the Matrix tells our Granary that mLQDR is trading above the peg at the open markets, our clever Granary sets out to reap an Arbitrage profit - For the benefit of its investors. It goes all out with its LQDR to mint brand new mLQDR wrappers. Then it pushes them all into the Pool to mint more than 1 unit per token MPTs, to realise the arbitrage profit via a "Solo Join" into MorpheusSwap's "Pirates in The Matrix" Vault. Meanwhile, it does it with the utmost sophistication, being careful to not push the Price Ratio under 1:1 :: mLQDR:LQDR. It precisely only arbs as much as needed to bring the price back to precisely 1.0 and whatever assets get left behind are converted into exact 50% + 50% of mLQDR + LQDR, and then that surplus is merged using the Balancer's flagship "Proportional Join" concept.

Welcome back to Reality
Finally (before going to the holographic bed?), the Granary dispatches its earnings of the day, The MPT of the Pirates in The Matrix, back to the trustworthy Morpheus for a re-deposit into the Neo Pool.

And in this way when Neo wakes up again, the GRAIN tokens are worth more MPT than the previous morning, thanks to the magic workers of Kompounding!

1.000 x
1 Year Projected Growth (Assets)

0.000 %
365-Day Projected APY (Reward)

$ 0.000
Market Cap (TVL)

Total GRAINs (Supply)

$ 0.000
Price of GRAIN (in USD)

1.000 x
Net Returns till Date

0.000 %
Realized A.P.R.

0.000 %
Avg. Base APR over 5 cycles

Smart Contract

0h 0m 0s
Time since last Kompound
(These stats are refreshed each 30 seconds.)

Some Data might be unavailable temporarily until Liquid Driver's xLQDR Rewards are normal again.
Please query status updates with the MorpheusSwap & Liquid Driver team.
Sincere apologies for the inconvenience.

This tool helps zapping out LP tokens made at Dictum.exchange
If you stakes in a Gauge, find that transaction on Arbiscan, and o the contract's (to) address, and Write the WithdrawAll function first.

Kontrol Panel

Please connect your web3 wallet.

A web3 wallet is now connected.

Enter token to approve

Enter spender's address

Dictum Router address is 0xfa3e4050dd383b8df1990831e59a82c350379bd7
vAMM-fBOMB/USDs = 0xEDf26869323d7036DFa886115079930F77Ec0b62
vAMM-fBOMB/USDs = 0xEDf26869323d7036DFa886115079930F77Ec0b62
vAMM-DTOKEN/USDC : 0x4c0f5FA6d290038147f1cD16Db7685c7C656Be81
sAMM-DAI/USDC : 0xc09cc9BED5A02EBcf3D56c8bE2d3A4EF5b984CAD
sAMM-USDT/USDC : 0x8594caEc488e339DfD20918021D117F68879708c
vAMM-WETH/USDC : 0xa88a48f1B41f047399a5746732665191D3a1082F
vAMM-GMX/USDC : 0x26bbdE071414E6973584eE5C9a6382B43c030516
vAMM-wstETH/WETH : 0x855e4E5BFE8B250A491249797f47d207BEb9b204
sAMM-FRAX/USDC : 0xa507F19bc5062cC303D6ced2d07696E1e4ADFDb2
vAMM-WBTC/WETH : 0x7E09Cb0504bc20b0e48FeBaaf89A36555Dd0f9C4
sAMM-MAI/USDC : 0x179010FfC1e0C157c18CAE720F4e2C80C7ED3BB8
vAMM-MAGIC/WETH : 0x0a3785A3c425Bd785e18a3D57c25bA8FD510Da9D
vAMM-wstETH/USDC : 0xCD5fd149F6DBC230740Ce33A28dA647DfBd98CeB
vAMM-RDNT/WETH : 0x287045992375788191e8fda2796C4A5b31348DEa
sAMM-MIM/USDC : 0x262Db5655e0A5549b33E01cc823fDc23c7068a4B
vAMM-UMAMI/WETH : 0xA816C0A34400DAaC4F00ADeD55fC368bf8F1175B
sAMM-USDs/USDC : 0x94EF7E7e1ce1C1D13F17d0Ff4336E0f11c68865b
vAMM-L2DAO/WETH : 0xBB172Dd210872AA52E87305a66718D1BD80e44bf
vAMM-fBOMB/USDs : 0xEDf26869323d7036DFa886115079930F77Ec0b62
vAMM-JONES/WETH : 0x1129189deeB6ACb5E665d88f342F9489A690F47d
sAMM-DTOKEN/USDC : 0x0679820F5468F8eb4a4b4113D178A925076741fD
vAMM-USDT/USDC : 0x08587D025DDeCA2563dC78238A6d69A8F54E86C9
vAMM-MIM/USDC : 0x1EFac7b1E7200d4849F08EFc90491dF484A0fEcD
vAMM-JONES/USDC : 0x63F29EB262fcF5A3e024A42eD9Ba06683fb1e82f
sAMM-MAGIC/WETH : 0x0A9bCb2A3159fB6f4102024D0f5c99138a6D33FB
sAMM-wstETH/WETH : 0x0f8E530847f31067faC346109b04B5BAf99EBCd4
vAMM-DAI/USDC : 0x41184a3EE20c36E3c475ADc7738fBd4b2F5f7e9A
sAMM-RDNT/WETH : 0x109b1268b4AfE5E116f12E7bc7c52dAD03901811
vAMM-DAI/USDT : 0x0aD8B21FB2Ab9C50BF9A564C0479e4f86E7531bA

For Investors


Deposit mLQDR/LQDR Morpheus LP Tokens (MPT)

Available: 0.------ MPT

Approve mLQDR/LQDR Morpheus LP Tokens (MPT)

Please approve MPT for deposit into this Kompounder (Granary Vault).

- or -

HyperZapper : Direct Entry

Jump into the Kompounder with plain FTM, LQDR or WFTM in a single transaction!

Zap in with FTM
Available: 0.------ FTM

Zap in with LQDR
Available: 0.------ LQDR

Zap in with WFTM
Available: 0.------ WFTM

All Zaps are executed using our in-house DEX-Aggregation Sub-Protocol for Kompound using our flagship JIT (Just-in-Time) design for Elite-tier Capital Efficiency!


Available to Redeem:
= 💰 0.------ USD ($)
= 🌾 0.------ GRAINs
= 0.------ LP Tokens

- or -

HyperZapper : Direct Exit

Jump out of the Kompounder to get LQDR in a single transaction!

Zap out to LQDR
Available to Redeem:
= 🌾 0.------ GRAINs

For Workers

Rough Estimations

Current Worker Reward

0.------ MORPH
0.------ FTM

After finishing work successfully, the Workers become investors.

All the Rewards earned by Workers are automatically re-invested to maximize Returns on Returns!

Please manage your earnings using the Investor Panel to Deposit more or Withdraw your valuables.

Historical Performance

General Information


Add LQDR with mLQDR to liquidity at Morpheus Dex.

Utilizes The Pirates in the Matrix pool: Stableswap pair between mLQDR & LQDR.

If 1 LQDR is worth MORE than 1 mLQDR, then add ONLY LQDR to the Pool using a single-sided join.
If 1 LQDR is worth LESS than 1 mLQDR, then add ONLY mLQDR to the Pool using a single-sided join.
If its trading at 1:1, then mint new mLQDR with EXACT HALF of your LQDR holdings and add the other HALF of LQDR with the minted mLQDR in a 1:1 (50%-50%) proportional to the Liquidity.

Advantages of Kompounders (Granaries)

Compounding yield requires transaction fees to be paid to the blockchain. This can add up quickly to be expensive and cut into returns. As we batch your transaction with many other depositor's transactions, it brings about a cumulatively lower cost and higher return to earn yield using the Kompounder (Granary).

For a new user, 13 transactions need to be made to make their first farm yield compound : Buy token P, Buy token Q, Approve token P, Approve token Q, Add P-Q Liquidity, Approve Farm for P-Q LP, Deposit P-Q LP tokens, Harvest yield token R, Approve yielded token R, Sell token R for P, Sell token R for Q, Add P-Q Liquidity and finally Deposit the gained P-Q LP tokens! For subsequent compounds, a user needs to make 5 transactions everytime they wish to compound.

Kompounders (Granaries) free our users from this burden of manually sending dozens of transactions RINGly and save their effort, time and precious KCS & FTM! This results in a compounded yield, which is greater than simple farming.

Frequency of Compounding

Farms are compounded either on deposits or on withdrawals made into the Kompounder (Granary). Compounding also occurs when a user ("Worker") does work by pressing the "Start Working" button and successfully completing the resulting transaction. It is as important to not compound too early as it is to compound too late.

What is Eliteness?

Holding ELITE tokens on Fantom Opera Blockchain determines the Eliteness Level of an address. For example, holding 0.1 ELITE grants the user an Eliteness level of 0.1, which changes with their ELITE holdings. A certain minimum amount of Eliteness is required to gain special privileges or advantages while using some of our Dapps. Eliteness is measured at the run-time of blockchain and fellow Smart Contracts that build atop ftm.guru require the same Eliteness Level as normal users.
This GRAIN#5400 has no minimum Eliteness requirements.

Wages for the Workers (Incentives)

Compounding transactions are complex smart contract functions which cost the worker a small amount of KCS or FTM as a "gas fee". To compensate the workers for their hardwork, we reward them with a share in the AUM of the Kompounder (Granary), equivalent to 1% of the value harvested from the underlying farm. This share grows inside the Kompounder (Granary) in value on its own if left unattended by the Worker.

Fees and taxes

There is No withdrawal fee at all. Generally, there is No deposit fee if your Eliteness Level is above 0.01, otherwise there is a 0.1% tax. 1% from the harvest is paid to the workers and 1% from the harvest is added to the E.L.I.T.E. D.A.O. treasury for promotional programs & the upkeep of this platform. These 2% are charged only on gains harvested and not on principal amount of investments.

A 1% Performance fee is taken on the harvested yield (not on principal funds).
Workers are paid 1% of the harvested yield. Anyone can be a worker and earn this reward.

KP & GRAINS - Protocol Receipt tokens

Upon each deposit, including worker payouts, the Kompounder (Granary) issues special tokens called KP (GRAIN) tokens that represent a user's share in the AUM of the specific Kompounder (Granary). These are standard ERC20 compliant tokens that can be used freely elsewhere on the blockchains. Withdrawing funds without possesing them is not possible. Please dont give these to strangers.

(Total Value Locked Pan-platform)

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