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To continue earning bribes from, please complete these 2 transactions after connecting your wallet:

1. Delegate Voting Power
2. Register your Delegation

(Note: Self-Registrations begin when we have more than 50 delegators.)
Please connect your web3 wallet.



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We are thankful to all of our Delegators!

Address of vlOXD-vote Delegator Jul-27 Aug-03 Aug-10 Aug-17 Aug-24 CURRENT STATUS

Total vlOXD votes in Epoch 2724994 2666761 2645985 2713539 2658912 2420740
Votes Delegated to FTM.Guru 519000 537312 564360 567078 571572 107394
veSOLID in 0xDAO's veNFT #2 17157523 17175501 17193976 17216364 17235326 17265953
Global Solidly's Total veSOLID 59390016 59226612 59226437 59145916 59137964 59079904
vlOXD delegated to FTM.Guru 19.05% 20.15% 21.33% 20.90% 21.50% 4.44%
veSOLID power of Delegations 5.50% 5.84% 6.19% 6.08% 6.26% 1.30%

Bribe Payouts

Old Voting bribes

For the voting period prior to 21-Jul, please refer to the old vlOXD Bribe Tracer:

Delegation Rewards

We shifted to Delegation Rewards starting from 21-Jul-2022.

Round 1

Bribes for the period between 21-Jul to Aug-24 were batched together and paid on 31-Aug-2022 using unlocked SOLID tokens instead of XELITE fNFTs. Major reward recipients (above $400) have been contacted directly and have promised to not sell SOLID on market.
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What *is* this??

We bribe all vlOXD voters (A user who locks their OXD tokens at for giving us (Guru Network DAO) their voting powers in return of monthly rewards airdropped directly to their wallets. We then utilize these delegated voting rights to direct Solidly (Premium DEX on Fantom) emissions to the pools we deem most important. We started this trend of L2-bribes back in April '22 and look forward to continuing it in the foreseeable future.

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