Benefits to SoliSnek ecosystem

There are quite a few things that Guru Network brings to the table:

Permanent Bribes

The elSNEK protocol has a dedicated 80% of itโ€™s net yield for Bribing the stakeholders of SoliSnek DEXโ€Š-โ€Šthe veSNEK holders.

With elSNEK whitelisted, SoliSnek will gain a permanent briber who is guaranteed to bribe in each and every epoch, irrespective of the market conditions.

elSNEK Volume = AVAX paid to SoliSnekโ€™s Voters

Since elSNEKโ€™s core pool is with WAVAX, the trading volume that takes place will pay the voters with AVAX & elSNEK. And this volume is guaranteed by the Kompound Protocol.

โ€˜Fair Tokenomicsโ€™ offering infinite scalability

Unlike generic tokens, the supply of elSNEK is not controlled by anyone. It can scale as much as SNEK itself. There are no โ€œteam tokensโ€ or โ€œVC Sharesโ€ , and elSNEK can be minted at will by any SNEK or veSNEK holder, permissionlessly.

Extending the options for veSNEK

elSNEK opens us the conduit for making the Locked veSNEK position liquid again. It also relieves the user from the burden of claiming multiple tokens from bribes & trader-fees and subsidises the gas costs by socializing it.

For new users, it offers a no-commitment exposure to the SoliSnek Economy. elSNEK brings purely Real Yield with it, befitting the Solidly approach.

More liquidity on the SoliSnek books

elSNEK/AVAX pool will bring in another liquidity pool to SoliSnek which is guaranteed to generate consistent trade volume, thanks to the ielSNEK Granary.

The Solidly Experience

Guru Network is the oldest protocol using Solidly. We were the creators of the first solidly gauge on the testnet after Andre & team, and have been quite active in its testing, continuously taking part in improving the Solidly codebase with pulls & its economic model throughout its life & birth. Our token ELITE on Fantom has been participating in the SolidlyWars right from the First Epoch last winter. Today we own nearly 2% of Solidlyโ€™s circulating supply on Ethereum and have been actively suggesting code improvements to it. We are also the biggest non-partner protocol in itโ€™s governance race. We are more equitably involved with the Equalizer exchange, where we helped reshape many of its facets. Our Solidly Extended Router has been used by multiple Solidly forks & Aggregators to make their ecosystems inclusive to exotic tokens. An alliance with Guru Network greatly benefits SoliSnek in the long run, as we are not here just for the yields, but for developing & mainting the actual Tech that furthers the Decentralization phenomenon.

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