Interest-bearing eTHENA, generated by the Kompound Protocol.

Kompound Protocol

Home to the Original Granaries & GRAIN tokens, the Kompound Protocol is a multi-chain yield compounder created by the Guru Network in 2021 on Fantom.

Today its the 3rd biggest on Metis & the Kucoin chains and a leading platform on multiple smaller blockchains.

ieTHENA: A Special GRAIN

GRAINs are receipt tokens of our compounder. Their redemption price increases continuously as the generated yield gets reinvested to purchase more base tokens for the depositors.

Our users will be able to deposit their eTHENA tokens at the Kompound Protocol on Binance SmartChain. This Granary will stake the eTHENA to earn BNB, and use that to procure more eTHENA from the DEX & compound it back.

Dual-layer compounding

This would be a doubly-compounding experience for our users, with the first layer of compounding coming from the Rebases onto eTHENA and the second layer from the compounding of BNB back into more eTHENA.

Why don’t we compound all yield at once?

Different users have differing preferences! eThena Protocol lets everyone craft their own strategy.

  • Thena maxis - who want the highest yield per unit THE.
  • Real Yield enthusiasts - who prefer earnings & profits paid out regularly in BNB.

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