Benefits to veTHE holders

veTHE holder are the biggest beneficiaries!

Earn BNB as Voting Rewards Directly

veTHE holders who mint eTHENA with their veTHE earn pure BNB from our protocol. This unique feature removes the repetitive and time consuming experience of claiming dozens of different tokens in small quantities and converting them into more meaningful and stable assets. Instead of this, we replace it with a streamlined experience of a single claim, paid as BNB, direct to our users wallets. We handle all the messy conversions, and give you the best returns by employing market leading cross-protocol aggregators such as our core partner Odos.xyzโ€™s homegrown AI-powered cryptoasset conversions.

Hyper-optimized Voting

We take care of allocating your votes for the best possible results. Our approach to this is quite simple: We vote for pools with weights that give us the maximum after-sales revenue.

Save time!

On top of that, users save a lot of time each week as we take care of the voting process for them. Time saved = Money earned!

Save on transaction Fees!

Since we automate the conversions of smaller chunks of various earned tokens, you dont have to worry about manually converting your earnings into more sound assets. We take care of that for you, and save you the effort, and fees incurred from these transactions.

Save on Taxes

Depending on which jurisdiction you are a tax resident of, you might incur additional Tax charges from your local human government. And making dozens of transaction could quickly add up to your tax manโ€™s bill! Using our protocol removes all these overhead expenses as you dont have to create any such Taxable events! It is all taken care of at the Protocol Level via Smart Contracts!


Moar Bribes!!!

A major portion of our Net Revenue is dedicated solely to Bribes. For the uninitiated, โ€œBribesโ€ are basically rewards we pay directly to veTHE voters each and every week, as a gift for voting on our eTHENAโ€™ liquidity pools. Its a symbiotic relationship which keeps on strengthening epoch after epoch as we pay more and more rewards to all other external veTHE holders who are not a part of our protocol.

The stronger and bigger we grow, the more we Bribe!

And the more we bribe, the stronger Thena becomes!

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