Official Websites

We started building ELITE with Guruโ€™s suite of Apps and Dapps across many niches. Hereโ€™s the list of current websites:

StatusSite AddressNotes
โœ… Activeftm.guruThe original Guru Network website
โœ… Activeeliteness.networkOfficial App Directory
โœ… Activevenft.appBorrowing & Lending Market for veNFTs
โœ… Activemtv.guruMultiVAC Network DeFi suite & Tools
โ›” Deprecated*fmc.guruFantomMarketCap, DeFi Analytics for Fantom
โ›” Deprecated*kcc.guruKucino GameFi apps on Kucoin Chain
โ›” Deprecatedech.guruApps for Echelon Network

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