Guru Network is primarily a B2B-like (Business-To-Business) service provider in the cryptocurrency industry. We also operate multiple B2C-like (Business-To-Customer) products & services with our in-house protocols. Finally, we are a community-centered project, who also helps+develops niche utilities, dapps & tools requested by our community for the greater good of our industry.

Our Offerings

For other Projects, DAOs & Devs

  • Consultancy services
  • Blockchain Analytics
  • Special-purpose Dapps
  • Tailored Smart Contracts
  • Code Security Reviews
  • Cross-Integrations with our other services
  • Generic tools & scripts

For CryptoCurrency users

We have a vast roster of Decentralized Finance products, which you can learn more about in their own dedicated sections deeper in our docs.

Public Services

  • Open analytics
  • De-Fi Utilities
  • Rescue Tools
  • Blockchain Explorers
  • Public Nodes
  • โ€œElite Listsโ€

and moreโ€ฆ

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