Initially, ELITE started as a simple Deflationary Token with a singular goal of fair-launch and permanently burned liquidity to tackle the nascent problems of โ€œRugsโ€.

Ever since, ELITE has grown into a champion of DeFi Engineering, authoring many novel inventions in the industry.

With its blooming array of Dapps and Services, Guru Networkโ€™s revenues accrue into its Treasury.

We grow this treasury with active management, investing into our own creations and those that the community deems promising.

This Treasuryโ€™s Liquid Assets establish a Risk-Free Value (RFV) which acts as a mechanism that Floors the minimum market price of ELITE beneath which it cannot fall.

If it drops below this mark, the Treasury may liquidate some of its undesirable assets and may buy some ELITE which may bring it back to partiy with its Floor price.

Combined with the Burned Liquidity, it implicitly insures ELITE, making it a Sound Store of Value.

As the Net Asset Valuation (NAV) of the Guru Network Treasury grows, this minimum price of ELITE continues to go up!

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