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The information underneath only covers what we built during our first year!

Ever since, we have expanded to multiple chains and multiple networks with 50+ new Dapps and authored thousands of smart contracts. You may find more information about them elsewhere in these Docs or on our Dapp Directory: Eliteness.Network.

Introduction to ftm.guru

A Multi-faceted growth hacker for indie projects, ftm.guru provides numerous Tools, Services and niche utility-applications to users and bespoke product customization, liquidity enhancement, tailored smart contract solutions and data analytics products to De-Fi innovators.

The Guru Network has something to offer for everyone.


ELITE token serves as the key to access the premium services offered on ftm.guru, with tier-levels classified as the Eliteness, gained by holding ELITE.

LF - LITE Farmlands

A custom โ€œFarm-Makerโ€ program that lets anyone create a farm for any token without any extra charges, supporting all types of tokens, even without special permissions. Other users can access LF to farm with their favorite projects and tokens.

The YieldState

The YieldState is the in-house farm for ELITE that rewards long-term liquidity providers in support of ftm.guru


The xELITE is an interest-bearing, over-collateralized form of ELITE. In contrast, it is abundant in fungibility and yet envelopes all the qualities of its underlying. XELITE introduces a novel approach that enables a unique kind of Yield farming - โ€œParallel Farmingโ€, enabling a single asset to participate in multiple yield farming opportunities together at once. XELITE also fractionalized a Wei of ELITE according to the minting ratio, which grows unidirectionally.

Airdrop Tools

An innovative ERC20 distributor that can serve tokens to hundreds of addresses within 1 second. NFT airdropper that supports ERC721 & ERC1155 tokens to be sent to custom lists of receivers within a single transaction to save time, effort and money.

B.O. - Binary Options Market

The First Binary Options platform on Fantom Opera that offers multiple markets and contract durations, like FTMUSD weekly Options.


An Escrow servie based on allowances instead of direct order: I helps two parties exchange any custom assets in a truustless and tamper-proof manner.

Public Services

(Free services, that donโ€™t require web3-logins)

FantomMarketCap - FMC

The FantomMarketCap, inspired by CoinMarketCap, serves on-chain data directly from Opera in real-time with Zero-lag. Its List of Top Fantom DEXes is widely known for benchmarking all active on-chain markets in the Fantom community.


The FantomScan was born when ftmscan explorer went offline for a week. It provides a lightweight dashboard to query blockchain in a user-friendly manner. It is also the first Gas fee analytics service that suggests optimal transaction prices for generic calls.

Dex-Pair Explorer

The only universal AMM analyzer dApp on Fantom that tracks more than 10000 market pairs from over 35 DEXes of Fantom, providing crucial trade data such as all-time trade histories and liquidity health analysis.

Liquidity Finder

A tool that scorches all on-chain DEXes to spot themost liquid markets for any input token. Also provides a โ€œbest buyโ€ and โ€œbest sellโ€ โ€œRouteโ€ to make it easy to make manual tranactions that optimize returns for assets that lack 3rd-party aggregation services.


An Arbitration spotting service that can spot arbitrage opportunities for any token that has active liquidity across 2 or more markets. It uses a cmbination of heuristics and calculus to define the most profitable flash-loaning โ€œRoutesโ€.

The Approver

The Approver tool enables everyone to create allowance, edit or modify spending limits, grant infinite permissions or Revoke any of these easily. Two intuitive functions, โ€œSoft Approveโ€ and โ€œHard Approveโ€ make editing allowances on Smart Contracts a lot quicker and comfortable, even for Mobile users.


The Ape List scans the Fantom Opera for latest markets created on its DEXes and brings forward an overview of the most recent markets, that help in early-phase discovery of assets.

GUESTS Index Fund

โ€œGuests of the Elite Operaโ€ or $GUESTS, is an Index Fund Offering that consists of foundational cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, BNB, FTM and primary stablecoins like USDC, MIM & DAI. It auto-rebalances your portfolio based on maintaing equivalent weight-oriented exposure to the underlying tokens, and earn extra yield by harnessing the strategically designed volatility inherent in this basket of assets.

Gaming & Gambling

ftm.guru is also the First Multi-Game Casino on Fantom Opera that offers a wide array of gambling options based on an optimized randomness algorithm. Popular titles include multiplayer and singleplayer games such as the CoinFlip, Jackpot and a game of Infinite Lotto.

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