$ELITE is the ftm.guru token!

An Elite History

One of the earliest tokens on the Fantom Network, ELITE was created with the sole purpose of being a prized possession due to its scarce supply.

Limited Supply

ELITE is one of the first tokens on the fantom network. It has a Circulating Supply of 250 tokens.

  • Each transfer of ELITE incurs a 1.337% tax which is used for Regeneration, The taxes collected will be utilized for paying bounties and compensating individuals for their work on Guru Network each week. After the 7-day period, the leftover funds will be returned to the treasury.
  • Each Elite token is backed by the treasury, meaning that if the price of Elite drops below the backing, the treasury will initiate a buyback of Elite tokens to restore their value based on the Risk-Free Value (RFV) of the treasury.
  • ELITE tokens are immutable and uncensorable, making ELITE a true Store of Value.

Trading ELITE

ELITE token can be traded on over 50 Decentralized Exchange and over 100 liquidity pools!

It is recommended to trade ELITE only using DEX Aggregators, such as:

Contract Address

ELITE token exists only on the Fantom Opera chain!


This is the official Token address of ELITE.

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