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Kompound Protocol

Compounding Service for Fantom's Yield Farms

Earn 1% of each harvest, just for paying the gas! Earn compound interest even on your reimbursements!

Zero* deposit fees & Zero withdrawal fees.
0.1% Deposit fees, No fees if holding 0.01 ELITE.

Beethoven-x Farm

Never Panic, yEarn Boosted Maximizer

This strategic Kompounder takes in yPANIC-BLP, comprised of 50% PANIC & 50% bb-yv-FTM, which is at elemental level a 50% PANIC + 25% wFTM + 25% yvFTM Weighted Balancer Pool. This Granary uses these BPT-yPANIC Liquidity Position tokens as input collateral via deposits to issue the "GRAIN#4803", a standard yield-bearning token, proportionally to all the investors that invest in it, adjusted to interests. All of the collateral rasied is continuously staked at the Beethoven-x Farm to earn native BEETS tokens. When at work, our workers first harvest all BEETS from the Beethoven-x Farm. Then they exchange it for wFTM at Fidelio Duetto of the Beethoven Orchestra. Up next, The Workers take half of these FTM and market-buy PANIC at the vAMM-PANIC/WFTM of PanicSwap for the lowest fee. Now they walk towards Yearning frens with half of the wallet's remaining Fantom and deposit them at yEARN.finance to obtain the sparkling, interest-bearing yvWFTM receipt tokens. After this, The Hardworkers tiptoe back via the Beethoven Boulevard and enroute swap all the Fantoms: The Wrapped WFTM and its yearn-vaulted yvWFTM, one-by-one, in a Flash! This timeless interaction with the Linear Yearn-Boosted pool at Beethoven-X grants the Workers of this Granary a balanced bag of wicked Phantoms: The bb-yv-FTM Phantom tokens! For the last round of labour, the focused hard-workers of Granary #4803 safely round up the wallet full of bb-yv-FTM tokens & all of the anxiety-ridden PANIC, and head out to Proportionally Join the Never Panic, Yearn Boosted Concert of Resurrected Ludwig in the Valley of Music! Late at night when the Workers of Guru's Granary are about to return home, Maestro Ludwig gifts them a souvenir: A pouch full of BPT-yPANIC Liquidity Position tokens! Before heading to bed, they safely deposit the gifts into the Granary's Vault for their loyal investors delight. And in the morning, thanks to the magic workers of Kompounding, the old GRAINs are worth more than what they were worth the previous morning!

0.000 %
Realized A.P.R.

$ 0.000
Market Cap (TVL)

Total GRAINs (Supply)

$ 0.000
Price of GRAIN (in USD)

1.000 x
Net Returns

Smart Contract

Kontrol Panel

Please connect your web3 wallet.

A web3 wallet is now connected.

For Investors


Available: 0.------ LP


Please approve token for deposit into the Kompounder (Granary).


Available to Redeem:
🌾 0.------ GRAIN
0.------ LP Tokens

For Workers

(Requires Eliteness[?] over 0.01)

Rough Estimations

Current Worker Reward

0.------ BEETS

After finishing work successfully, the Workers become investors.

Please manage your earnings using the Investor Panel.

General Information


Add PANIC or FTM to liquidity at Beethoven-x Dex.

Utilizes Never Panic, Yearn Boosted Pool: 50% PANIC + 50% bb-yv-FTM, which is at elemental level a 50% PANIC + 25% wFTM + 25% yvFTM Weighted Balancer Pool.

Advantages of Kompounders (Granaries)

Compounding yield requires transaction fees to be paid to the blockchain. This can add up quickly to be expensive and cut into returns. As we batch your transaction with many other depositor's transactions, it brings about a cumulatively lower cost and higher return to earn yield using the Kompounder (Granary).

For a new user, 13 transactions need to be made to make their first farm yield compound : Buy token P, Buy token Q, Approve token P, Approve token Q, Add P-Q Liquidity, Approve Farm for P-Q LP, Deposit P-Q LP tokens, Harvest yield token R, Approve yielded token R, Sell token R for P, Sell token R for Q, Add P-Q Liquidity and finally Deposit the gained P-Q LP tokens! For subsequent compounds, a user needs to make 5 transactions everytime they wish to compound.

Kompounders (Granaries) free our users from this burden of manually sending dozens of transactions quickly and save their effort, time and precious KCS & FTM! This results in a compounded yield, which is greater than simple farming.

Frequency of Compounding

Farms are compounded either on deposits or on withdrawals made into the Kompounder (Granary). Compounding also occurs when a user ("Worker") does work by pressing the "Start Working" button and successfully completing the resulting transaction. It is as important to not compound too early as it is to compound too late.

What is Eliteness?

Holding ELITE tokens on Fantom Opera Blockchain determines the Eliteness Level of an address. For example, holding 0.1 ELITE grants the user an Eliteness level of 0.1, which changes with their ELITE holdings. A certain minimum amount of Eliteness is required to gain special privileges or advantages while using some of our Dapps. Eliteness is measured at the run-time of blockchain and fellow Smart Contracts that build atop ftm.guru require the same Eliteness Level as normal users.

Wages for the Workers (Incentives)

Compounding transactions are complex smart contract functions which cost the worker a small amount of KCS or FTM as a "gas fee". To compensate the workers for their hardwork, we reward them with a share in the AUM of the Kompounder (Granary), equivalent to 1% of the value harvested from the underlying farm. This share grows inside the Kompounder (Granary) in value on its own if left unattended by the Worker.

Fees and taxes

There is No withdrawal fee at all. There is No deposit fee if your Eliteness Level is above 0.01, otherwise there is a 0.1% tax. 1% from the harvest is paid to the workers and 1% from the harvest is added to the E.L.I.T.E. D.A.O. treasury for promotional programs & the upkeep of this platform. These 2% are charged only on gains harvested and not on principal amount of investments.

KP & GRAINS - Protocol Receipt tokens

Upon each deposit, including worker payouts, the Kompounder (Granary) issues special tokens called KP (GRAIN) tokens that represent a user's share in the AUM of the specific Kompounder (Granary). These are standard ERC20 compliant tokens that can be used freely elsewhere on the blockchains. Withdrawing funds without possesing them is not possible. Please dont give these to strangers.

(Total Value Locked Pan-platform)

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